Described as a mixed media / digital artist – “ZEE” was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1979. As an artist, Zee has the distinct advantage of being completely self-taught, which has developed into a healthy disregard for the “rules” regarding established commercial art.

Zee’s style and methods for “building” images in a digital capacity lend themselves to naturally breaking the preconceptions of more traditional mediums. Zee began exploiting the passion of her creative side more productively after the birth of her first child. As an excited new mother, Zee didn’t want to spend a single day missing all those precious first moments, so she used her creativity and love for art to begin creating unique illustrations and larger scale artworks. From relatively humble beginnings, leading onto to a full career in supply chain and small business ownership and a late start in art, Zee now enjoys the freedom of being an artist without the fears or urgency that usually encompass “creating” exciting new artworks under the more conventional standards & terms. Experimenting with various mediums, including acrylic paints, inks, various embellishment techniques, Zee sometimes finds herself with a naturally completed painting in front of her with no clear memory of the individual steps taken on the way.

Acrylic and Watercolours had always been Zee’s first choice of medium to reach the outer world, however, fast computing & processing capabilities provide the tools to render her vibrant “inner” world in a more existential capacity.

“I absolutely love technology and love creating art with an edge. My style?…. I’d call it pop art, or mixed media implemented with the benefit of digital technology. I enjoy a freestyle approach to the use of media; I orchestrate the visual components using a variety of techniques. By scanning painted and drawn media into pixels, I manipulate and integrate the imagery with digital painting.” – Zee

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