Amber Jane Raab

DOGS - Frenchie French

  • Limited Edition
  • giclee print on canvas

Frenchie French is a hand-embellished French Bulldog Limited Editions artwork. This new piece is all the way from Paris in France, in the guise of the fantastic French bulldog (Frenchie). Great, sassy piece that is full of cool images relating to France, you will be glued to the piece for days. Set on a subtle backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, this limited-edition canvas design is printed and then embellished giving a great, raised, textured effect that makes each piece unique.

AAvailable in 3 sizes; 91x91cm – £449 (limited edition of 50); 61x61cm – £269 (limited edition of 50) and 46x46cm – £175 (limited edition of 100)

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