Joe Webb

Joe Webb

Joe Webb (1976-) uses vintage magazines and printed ephemera that he has collected to create hand-made low fi collages, no computer trickery in sight. Webb re-invents the imagery taken from his collection of printed materials to create simple and elegant, yet surreal, images that explore love and longing. His work is inspired by the collage work of Peter Blake amongst others. To create original editions Webb has stayed true to the texture and feeling of collage by using real collaged elements in the silkscreens as well as embossing and glazing.

Webb’s work has become on online sensation with tens of thousands of people sharing his images on the internet. As well as going viral in the virtual world, ’Antares and Love II’ has been displayed in the Saatchi Gallery, London.
Webb’s collages explore a range of ideas from the political to surreal, each piece carries a visual message to be deciphered by the viewer. The artist often displaces the central figure or object into an unusual setting, holding a mirror up to conflicting cultures and experiences. In other collages he removes the central characters altogether, leaving an empty space which reveals alternative realties in the layers underneath.

Joe has now produced limited edition silkscreen prints made at Coriander Studio based on his original collages. These apply exciting multi media print finishes such as diamond dusting, silver leaf and embossing, which make each print individual and compliment the artists’ hand-made philosophy.

“I started making these simple hand-made collages as a sort of luddite reaction to working on computers for many years. I like the limitations of collage…using found imagery and a pair of scissors, there are no Photoshop options to resize, adjust colours or undo.

My collages work to a basic rule of sourcing just two or three images… I then present them as a reinvented single image to communicate a new message or idea.

I suppose I’m fairly anti-technology although I now promote my art on websites, own an iPhone and use Facebook…I wish I had been born 100 years ago”.

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